Nail salon in Austin - Nail salon 78750 - Colorful Nails

Nail Services

SNS Dipping Powder

 SNS Dipping Powder Color Full Set $40.00
SNS Dipping Powder Color Fill In $30.00
SNS Pink/ White Full set  $45.00
 SNS Pink/ White Fill In $35.00
SNS Take off only$10.00

Acrylic Nails

 Full Set $25.00 & up
 Fill In $18.00 & up

Diamond Nails

 Full Set $35.00 & up
 Fill In $20.00 & up
With clear top coat gel$23.00 & up

Solar Nails

 Pink/ White Full set$37.00
With clear top coat gel$40.00
 Pink/ White Fill – In$30.00
With clear top coat gel$33.00
Pink Fill-in only$20.00
With clear top coat gel$23.00
Solar Pearl or White Tips$30 & up
Solar Powder Color French tips full set$45 & up
Solar Powder color French tips fill in$35 & up
with clear top coat gel 
Solar take off only$12.00
Solar take off with new service$5.00


 SH. Gel Manicure $30.00 & up
 SH. Gel Pedicure $41.00 & up
 SH. Gel French Manicure $35.00 & up
 SH. Gel French Pedicure $46.00 & up
 SH. Gel Hand change $18.00 & up
 SH. Gel Feet change $23.00 & up
 SH. Gel soak off with out service $7.00
SH. Gel French or American tips are extra$5.00


For 2 nails $6.00
For 10 nails$16.00

Additional Services

Hands polish change $8.00
Feet Polish Change $10.00
Hands French Change $13.00
Feet French Change $15.00
Acrylic Take Off only $12.00
Acrylic take off with polish $16.00
Acrylic take off with Manicure $22.00
Hand Nails cut down $7.00
Toe Nails cut down $10.00
Nail Art $3.00 & up
 Nail Repair $3.00 & up
Special shapes or long nail tips are extra$5.00
( Exp: Almond, Coffin, Oval etc) 
Clear Top Coat gel$5.00
French Tip$5.00

Paraffin Treatment

 Hands or Feet $5.00

Kids (12 yrs & under)

Spa Pedicure$21.00
Hands Polish Change$5.00
Feet Polish Change$7.00